American Idol is DESTROYING America!

American Mydol SUCKS!

You know after the 9/11 conflict I kind of thought it was a strange idea to have a 'war on terrorism' because to even RECOGNIZE the fight itself is to admit that we've already lost. When countries go to WAR - -it is usually due to some kind of FEAR of something or someone. In this case it was brought about by the 'Islamic Fundamentalist Extremists' -- which has become a buzzword of sorts.

So what has happened is that after this buzzword started spreading, America was already TERRORIZED everytime we turned on our television and sat down to hear the words 'terrorism'. If you sit down in front of ANY news-show COUNT just HOW MANY times you actually here the words 'Terrorism' or a form of it. It's seeped into the very fiber that makes up our entire country -- this FEAR created by the Corporate media to keep YOU very very afraid. In that sense the terrorists are the VICTORS and the CAPTORS of YOUR freedom. They've already won! Because you can't turn on the television without hearing something about terrorism, when that is the most COMMON thing on television or in the newspapers, radio, internet, etc. we know for a fact that it is the CONSUMER-- YOU who are terrorized.

America lives in a state of chronic fear. It's been created by the media to keep you PROGRAMMED and ADDICTED to your television. This is done as a propaganda technique designed to KILL your imagination and ability to CREATE -- and to be passionate.

What boggles my mind is how the corporate media focuses on INTERNATIONAL terrorists instead of the ones here at home. America has had FAR more terrorist acts committed by our own people than from Islamic militants. We've had entire buildings destroyed by Christian radicals like Timothy McVeigh, and his co-conspirator was just RELEASED from prison after only serving 5 of a seven year sentence!! Had he been Islamic or had darker skin he would have recieved a LIFE sentence without possiblity of parole. Yet, in America the hypocrisy of 'democracy' is played out daily behind our backs. And the corporate media makes examples out of those who don't play by our rules. To some, McVeigh was a 'Freedom Fighter', getting revenge for what he believed to be 'governement interference' with the Branch Davidian's child pornography and pedophila ring. Koresh had already ran in to the law after raping the children of the people that he held against their will in Waco. Our government steps in to help innocent children from being warped by Religious fanatics bent on destroying themselves and anyone who didn't agree with them.

And NOW, almost 2 decades later, we have a government that acts like Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh: ceasing control of another country like Koresh seized the minds of unsuspecting impressionable people who were already cursed by living in TEXAS -- (a haven for the mind-numbing effects of fundamentalism.) And our government also pats McVeigh on the back every time it drops a bomb on innocent middle-eastern women and children as the US prepares for another genocide upon Iran and then Syria.

But you won't hear anything like that on the news. Because they've already PROGRAMMED YOU into believing what they WANT you to believe. Why do you think they call them 'PROGRAMS' in the first place??

So as Fox news fills the skulls of 'programmed' AmeriCONS it creates their realities for them, turning you all into PASSIONLESS spectators who have no concept of contructing your OWN realities. People are too lazy to do anything constructive, so they are seduced by the victimization of television and become dependent on it just like a heroin/crack addict on the streets of our urban centers.

So -- DESTROY your television -- and quit watching those ridiculous cop shows and court tv, or YOU will become the victim that 'the man' wants you to be. They want you to be hypnotized to your television so that you are terrified of your own shadow and the MORE frightened and terrorized you ARE -- the MORE the corporate terrorists have CONTROL over you and the rest of the world. American TV is Corporate Terrorism!!

Fight it by DESTROYING your television NOW!

American Mydol SUCKS!
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Never, in the history of mankind, has there ever been any production worst (well besides Fox News of course)

American Idol is: (ThEE most pathetic, most passionless, INSULTING, soul-less, derivative, soul-CRUSHING, materialISTIC, Contrived, SOPHOMORIC, DECEPTIVE, constricting, NON-expansive, REPETITIVE, PATHETIC,


I can't believe that kids would even WISH to be put through the TORTURE of making such ASSES of themselves in front of everyone they love and know and work so hard on something that is only a business. There is NOTHING on 'American Idol' that reflects ANY vision of 'passion' and art. THERE IS NO ART ON TV ANYMORE! This is even FURTHER EVIDENCE supporting the notion that enables me to announce LOUD, to everyone out there in cyberland, on the planet (or not) interplanetary, transmutated, parallel Universe or ANY other place should DESTROY YOUR TELEVISION NOW!!!!