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Iona is published by Phanes Press, Destiny Books (Inner Traditions International), Autonomedia,

Nexus Magazine, Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions, Chaosophy Journal, and more.


What's New (March ‘05): Iona has many new online additions to her webpresence since updating her glutted Collected Works site in 2002.  They include new writing, art work, interviews, and collaborations. She is also active at (join the “WE LOVE IONA tribe!), an invitational underground network for discussing a wide variety of scientific, artistic, mystical and other free-wheeling ideas and lifestyles.

Recent trips include the eastern coast of Australia for Nexus and Science-Art events, Phoenix, Scottsdale and LA for an art tour, Seattle/Canadian border for publishing meetings and R & R.  Current projects include an article with Ben Lonetree on ELF phenomena in Sedona Vortex area for Nexus (Vol 12, No. 2 Feb/Mar int’l, Mar/Apr USA) and production of hypnotic ‘Stress Relief’ and ‘Confirmed Nonsmoker’ CDs which are now available from her; and new Fauxtos.  

Latest collaborations include consulting for Champion Trees Project, currently cloning Chinese heritage trees from the Ming Dynasty.  A new printing of sold-out THE MODERN ALCHEMIST is available now; contact Iona for purchase details.  If you haven’t seen the book, AMAZONallows you to “peek inside”; just enter the title in their Search box.  We’ve got tickets for Amsterdam, and look forward to more misadventures at the euro NEXUS conference with Linda Moulton Howe, Sir Laurence Gardner and others.  Iona is currently interviewing MIB Charles Stone about his work as Deputy to infamous Dr. Carl Schleicher, who he describes as “a real Dr. Strangelove.”




Iona returned last fall from a trip to Brisbane, Australia with ex-files Richard Alan Miller where we had a fine time at the Nexus Conference and met such interesting researchers and activists as publisher Duncan Roads and his wife Catherine and our editor Ruth Parnell, HAARP watchdog from Alaska Nick Begich, Texan conspiracy journalist Jim Marrs, 'Star Child' skull researcher Lloyd Pye.  We’re booked for Amsterdam in May ’05.  Photos: Jim Marrs, Nick Begich, UFO Kathy, Rick, Iona.


Also, sacred geometer Jain, healer Glennys Mackay, and the head of the Russian Department of UFO Research, Science and Technical, National Security Academy, based in St Petersburg, Russia, Valery Uvarov, and many more. Some amazing stories circulated, both on and off the record.  The audience participants were bright and well-informed and a joy, each and every one.  We hope to hear from them all as years go on.  Many have joined in at Tribe; how about you?  Aw, come on, don’t be shy! ;~D

After showing Iona’s psychotronic art, we went to the Science-Art Research Centre in the shadow of Mt. Warning where she was appointed Consultant in Science-Art Theory.  She hopes to establish a platform for American Science-Art Research.  Her painting, 'The Diamond Body' appears in master painter Robert Pope's latest international sci-art book, which just sold out its first edition.  An  international art show, endorsed by the head scientist of the British Royal Society and Yangzhou University, China, among others is in the works.  See and 

Scientists throughout the world working at the cutting edge of human survival technology are now seeking a multidisciplinary solution to the social, economic and environmental crises threatening us all.  There is a desire in Western culture to try, in some way, to enhance human values. There is also a growing realization that the technology that the West has helped to create is now systematically causing the destruction of human values and the degradation of the global environment.  More romantic worldviews of science and technology (Poetry Science; Science-Art; Freestyle Multimedia) can lead toward viable visions of an optimistic future.

Recent major scientific discoveries have been made which demonstrate that the living process is indeed associated with a very complex infinite universal energy system. This is now bringing about the collapse of the present world view and is also identifying the geometrical logic base upholding the lost ethical and humane physics value system. This scientific knowledge can now be used to construct a global human survival technology of unimaginable wealth, resources and human opportunity. The catalytic properties of art have been identified as the essential ingredient needed to provide the opportunity for this human survival technology to be developed.

Human survival can now be seen to depend upon a rather unusual problem. It is no longer possible to obtain a simple policy statement from Western Universities or governmental educational policy-making departments which will continue to endorse or deny the validity of the destructive physics logic base from which technology and global economic rationalism is derived. Requests for such a fundamental university educational policy statement results in inarticulate confusion. This is simply a reflection of the traumatic culture shock being caused by the collapse of the prevailing world view. Such a situation cannot contribute toward the betterment of the global human condition because it is unable to cope with the new human survival knowledge that is now accumulating throughout the world.

We have the strange situation now that scientists, when forced to examine rigorous human survival Creative Physics data are actually classifying it as 'while not factually erroneous it must remain inconceivable'. We have a science and technological culture controlled by an overriding law of universal destruction that insists that the universe must become a frozen lifeless corpse. This prevents us searching for a human survival technology because such a technology links life to an aspect of infinite universal reality. Quite obviously both ideas cannot exist together. The unfortunate problem is that, even as reliable scientific human survival evidence accumulates it cannot be even considered within the prevailing world view. It is therefore now necessary to talk about the collapse of this world view so that the human survival technology can begin to be envisaged. Science-Art Research Centre has been carefully constructing such a model for over twenty years. 

The culture shock associated with this collapse is enormous. As is normal in such cases of severe culture shock trauma, the initial reaction is generally one of complete denial. However, because the issue embraces fundamental human ethical values, then sooner or later it must enter the international legal system on behalf of global human survival. Already the United Nations University Millennium Project, South Pacific Node, American Council, has fully endorsed the concept of using Creative Physics fractal logic for the cause of global world peace and such an awareness is growing via the internet.

In 1999 my Science-Art Research Centre of Australia published a paper entitled THE ENGINEERING OF GLOBAL DEMOCRACY, written by its engineer and prefaced by a former Professor of Life Sciences at NASA. The thrust of the paper was about using a fractal logic filter to obtain a human survival technology from information overload. A copy of this publication was sent to 100 famous engineers and scientists throughout the world. The replies to the Centre's publication revealed that enough scientists are working at the cutting edge of Creative Physics Science-Art research to implement the human survival technology. In particular, we were amazed that the chief scientist to Britain had been warning for several years that any country or government which did not realize how to use fractal logic to obtain new technology from information overload would become losers in the 21st Century.  (Pope 2003).



End of October 2004 - November found Iona on art tour with the “Gartel Cartel” in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tucson with digital fine art godfather Laurence Gartel and former South Park animator Bob Judd.  Halloween kept right on going when Io and Judd flew to LA on s-Election Day to see Psychic TV3 in concert at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood and say hello backstage to Genesis, after a 10 year hiatus.  Djinny was GORGE, with the new look settling in.  PTV3 rocked; the club kids were fab. 

See more at   and

We stayed with Don Bolles, Darcey Leonard and DJ Prickle who were busy converting the Parlour Club into Club Screwball for Gen’s afterparty.  Bolles, of The Germs and 45 Grave started the LA punk scene, much like Joey Ramone on the Right Coast.  He has also played with PTV in the past.  You might say he is “the first of the Mohicans”. 

Bob got us ready for this mindwarp adventure with a sparkling purple 8 foot tarantula he had in his living room.  As he gave away Deception Dollars all over his lawn to Trick or Treaters on Halloween they were treated to Poky the parrot singing along with Diamanda Galas and the Litanies of Satan, while ‘Cardinal Sin’ filmed Io for future shenanigans.  Bob’s “terror house” was an artistic success with anti-Bush placards filling the picture window.

We made lots of art, print and video, generating raw footage for a variety of projects – including The Bride of Deception -- for each of us.  We enjoyed the Scottsdale International Film Festival, where Laurence judged the Digital Film division, and his lecture and cinematic presentation of his new art/music DVD [Gartel: Trance, Dance & Other Living Things] both at SIFF and SMOCA (Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art).  

Because art permeates life and life permeates art, when Iona sprained her foot and was in a wheelchair, that got chronicled, during the Bush acceptance speech [photo by Gartel; treatment by and on Io]. Before, during and after First Friday, we gave away and left as tips, or burned many Deception Dollars all over the Southwest.  See  Bob took us on a tour of Phoenix galleries, including Perihelion and Ice House. 


The New Year began with a trip to Semiahmoo resorts at the Canadian border for publishing meetings and R&R with family/friends. Winter is also the time to produce new works, and Io produced 5 invitational suites of Faux-tos in December and 15 new portals in February.  She has a new article appearing in Vol. 12, No. 2 Nexus with Ben Lonetree on ELF and Sedona Vortices.

Iona continues her work and interests in integral biophysics with which is in the middle of conducting RV experiments, Dr. Gilula’s which is aiming at webcasting wellness curricula for medical trainees, and David Edwards which is developing immersive 3D entertainment coupled with fine art. Her latest interest is working with Terry Mock and the Champion Tree Project which is cloning heritage trees for sustainable urban reforestation .  And of course there is more fun to come with the “Rogues’ Gallery” at  Ask to join her there via her regular email, for lively discussions on a wide variety of topics from art, music, and psychology through philosophy and physics.  This is free AOL for the Underground. 

Iona is also doing Qabalistic collaborations with magical and perfumery mentor Lady Sarah Cunningham-Carter.  They are looking at putting the flesh on the bones of many of Lady Sarah’s fine original research works, which come from her long associations with such notables in the field as Ann Davies, Hans Holzer, and Dr. Israel Regardie.  Lady Sarah had a magical temple in Hollywood and Pasadena in the ‘50s and ‘60s and continues her fantastic artwork in the beautiful hills of Southern Oregon.  She became personal secretary at 18 to Peruvian diva songstress and classic filmstar, Yma Sumac.  She continues to foster Yma’s health and welfare while assuring the preservation of her body of work, and helping produce a documentary film on this Inca Princess and living legend.

Recent writings by Iona also include a variety of pieces on Future Science and global architectronics for Nexus Magazine ( and on bioholography for The Journal of Non-Local and Remote Mental Interaction ( Iona is on the editorial board of JNLRMI.   She also wrote a submission for Journal for the Academic Study of Magic on "The Dodecahedral Universe and Qabalah"; her annual journal CHAOSOPHY 2003 centered on the theme of "The Emergent Healing Paradigm"; CHAOSOPHY 2004 is on "Future Science."   CHAOSOPHY 2005 has "The Nonlocal Mind Paradigm" as its theme.

New Articles include [inquire directly for .doc files] “Siren Song of the Earth: Investigating Sedona Vortex Phenomena with Ben Lonetree” for NEXUS, and the following available on my new portals:

Š      FREE STYLE: Art Without Frames, Science Without Boundaries (posting soon).

Š      THE NONLOCAL MIND PARADIGM: A Transdisciplinary Revisioning of MindBody

Š      THE WHOLE SUM INFINITY: Merging Science-Art and Integrative Biophysics

Š      THE DEMIURGIC FIELD: Its Patterning Role in Chaos, Creation and Creativity with Australian Economist, Dr. Paul Wildman, Ph.D.

Š      IMAGE STREAMING: A Soulful Exploration of the Creative Mindfield

Š      PROFILING: Psychological Types & Temperaments; Understanding Differences in People

Š      WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW ABOUT DATING?  Quantum Theories of Relationship

Š      THE VENUS BUTTERFLY EFFECT: Sexual Healing and Culture


•     •      •

In 2003, Iona wrote an acclaimed Artists' Statement (, "Neuro-tica: Forbidden Fruits & Technoshamanism", for the Cyberotica art show with film-maker and animator Bob Judd of Arizona (; a book review for Brunner-Routledge on Bradford Keeney's work (American Shaman: An Odyssey of Global Healing Traditions); a political essay, "Apocalypse Soon: Economic Collapse in 2006", inspired by the work of Michael Wells Mandeville.  She began a new book-in-progress, Voluptas: Echoes of Sacred Sex in Alternative Sexuality; and a mythopoetic review of 'No-Wave' beat poet and priestess, Lydia Lunch's latest spoken word CD "Memories and Madness", titled "Beyond the Pale", for underground zine Night Moves .

Art projects have included an interactive multimedia installation, with Bob Judd, shown at pioneering digital artist ( Laurence Gartel's CYBEROTICA: THE DIGITAL ART EXPERIENCE, Dec 4-7, 2003 in downtown Miami, Florida and reprised at The Icehouse Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona February 6, 2004.   Judd has also animated some of her paintings and other art, viewable at

Using herself as model for a variety of characters, she has also created online digital "performance art" and begun merging her own collection of images ("Digital Diva") with her collages and paintings (see Netzach Gallery VII).  She also continues working with musicians, animators, and qabalists on the design of an experiential 3-D immersive role-playing game based on Pathworking, Virtual Qabalah .

Collaborations, besides art with Bob Judd, include work in ELF electromagnetic frequencies and human physiology with Ben Lonetree (; neurotheology, remote healing, and streamed wellness information delivery with neuropsychiatrist Dr. Marshall Gilula (; and putting heart back into the healthcare system with A Quantum Reach, working with chiropractor Charlotte Anthonisen ( and Carolyn Dean (see “Death By Medicine” online).

She also continues collaborating with ex-husband Richard Alan Miller ( on a variety of books including Pantheon: Archetypal Patterns in Nature and Man; ESP Induction through Self-Hypnosis; As Above; So Below: the Nexus of Spirit and Future Science; Technoshamanism and Extrasensory Science; Quantum Metaphysics; Electro-Magic and Neuroshamanism; Psience: Extraordinary Powers of the Mind ; and Let's Do the Mind-Warp Again: An Anthology of Postmodern Cultural Engineering.

•     •      •


Please note a change in the URL for the John Curtis Gowan Memorial site of his collected works to  Contains his classic works on states of consciousness such as Trance, Art and Creativity, Development of the Psychedelic Individual, Operations of Increasing Order, and Northridge Developmental  Scale for testing Self-Actualization.


CHAOSOPHY 2005: Nonlocal Mind Paradigm

Š      FREE STYLE: Art Without Frames, Science Without Boundaries (posting soon).

Š      THE NONLOCAL MIND PARADIGM: A Transdisciplinary Revisioning of MindBody

Š      THE WHOLE SUM INFINITY: Merging Spirituality and Integrative Biophysics

Š      THE DEMIURGIC FIELD: Its Patterning Role in Chaos, Creation and Creativity with Dr. Paul Wildman, Ph.D.

Š      IMAGE STREAMING: A Soulful Exploration of the Creative Mindfield

Š      PROFILING: Psychological Types & Temperaments; Understanding Differences in People

Š      WHAT THE ‘BLEEP’ DO WE KNOW ABOUT DATING?  Quantum Theories of Relationship


CHAOSOPHY 2004: Future Science

"The Universe Is Obsolete: A Gallery of Multiverse Theories," on parallel universes

"How the Brain Creates God: the Emerging Science of Neurotheology"

"Fear and Loathing In the Temporal Lobes: Epilepsy and Spirituality" - [awaiting publication]

"Schumann's Resonances and Human Psychobiology" or SRI
also linked from the popular Jeff Rense "Sightings" site under "Headlines" (longer version)

"HAARP's Threat to the Voice of the Planet" or SRII (longer version)

"From Helix to Hologram" on DNA bioholograms

"Quantum Bioholography"; (longer version of above)

"New Millennium Psi Research: ESP, Hypnosis and Remote Viewing"

"The Dodecahedral Universe and the Qabalistic Tree of Life" -
[awaiting publication before posting]

"Apocalypse Soon: Economic Collapse in 2006"-
[awaiting publication before posting]

"Parapsychology: I Married the Wizard of Oz"

The Modern Alchemist Excerpts


"The Emergent Healing Paradigm: Progressive Medicine and Healing Arts in the 21st Century"

"Embodying the Emergent Healing Paradigm: Psi Mediated Exchange of Information"

"Disrupted Lives: Chaos Theory and the Healing Process:
Role and Value of Journey Work in the Process of Recovery"

"NEURO-TICA: Forbidden Fruits and Technoshamanism"

"LUNCH: Beyond the Pale" - [awaiting publication in Night Moves]

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